I now have a large professional studio, its called MAP Studio, LLC. 

4000 sq. ft,  Office for point of sales meetings, state of the art head shot studio, two well lit make up stations in a changing room that has its own bathroom.  20 ft. cyc wall and 18 ft. ceiling.  Plenty of furniture and shooting options, wood wall, metal walls, low key black, and a red wall.

The address of the studio is 1590 N. Roberts Road Building 300, suite 303.  Kennesaw, GA 30144.

Call for you photography needs , or for studio rental information at: 313-205-3420! 



I am a photographer who loves to connect with his subjects, and takes his time to get the perfect shot for each person.

If your looking for a relaxed and fun photographer for an event,  a Linked In head shot, or a model portfolio update, I will be happy to help you.


I a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Inc.

Send me a note as to your needs, and we will do our best to give you the best images. 

We go above and beyond to make you happy.

Enjoy each day.....